Resolving Family Conflicts: A Guide to International Family Mediation

Resolving Family Conflicts: A Guide to International Family Mediation.
Caratsch, Cilgia.
International Social Service.

“Resolving Family Conflicts: A Guide to International Family Mediation” is issued by International Social Service (ISS), which works with families in 120 countries to help
resolve problems arising from separation and divorce that involve two countries, or when one parent wrongfully removes a child from one country to another. Parents, lawyers and courts across the world contact ISS for help in such circumstances. ISS, which was established in 1924, provides help in approximately 50,000 cross-border family situations annually. ISS assists parents with counselling, as well as social advice and general information on legal aspects of the situation they are facing, and it works
with them towards solutions that take into account the importance of preserving the children’s relationship with both parents as well as with other family members.
This Guide is intended for families all over the world – regardless of their origin, religion and composition – that are experiencing conflict with cross-border elements. It
emphasises that the interests of the children are at the core of international family mediation and presents within its pages information, testimonies, studies and
experiences reflecting the many benefits as well as the limits of cross-border family mediation. It recommends international family mediation not as a miracle solution to all the problems that families face during separation across national borders, but as a simple, pragmatic and professional avenue of conflict resolution that ensures individual rights and complements any legal proceedings to settle the disputes. 
The first publication of its kind, the Guide is being released at a time when discussions and negotiations are being held internationally to entrench cross-border mediation practices on a legal and professional level."