Connecting for Meaningful Collaborations

The FRIENDS National Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention is pleased to release a new online learning course, Connecting for Meaningful Collaborations. This is a five module course on building and strengthening collaboration between CBCAP SLAs, their funded child abuse prevention programs, and child welfare agencies.

The first module is designed as an introduction to the course content. Module two explores the commonalities and differences between CBCAP and the Child Welfare system. Module three focuses on the common language for concepts and terms in each system, and in module four, challenges to collaboration are discussed along with areas that hold promise for working together. In module five, CBCAP leads share collaborations in action with their child welfare counterparts. Five state leads from Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin are interviewed and audio clips highlight their states’ stories.

Access to the Online Learning Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at and available to anyone. You may go through each module in a single sitting or stop and start as you wish, completing the course at your own pace and convenience. Please share this resource with your funded programs and others working to build collaborations and reduce child abuse and neglect.