Federal Child Welfare Policy Manual

As a result of the enactment of "Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008" (Public Law 110-351), the relevant CWPM Q/As are in the process of being revised to reflect the many changes made by the law. Until such time as the edits to the sections of the CWPM related to the changes made to the Act by P.L. 110-351 are complete, please refer to the statute and official guidance from the Children's Bureau (such as Program Instructions and Information Memoranda) for definitive guidance on the requirements. You also may contact your Regional Office representative for further clarification. *      *      *       *      * This manual replaces the Children's Bureau's former policy issuance system. This Child Welfare Policy Manual updates and reformats all of the existing relevant policy issuances (Policy Announcements and Policy Interpretation Questions) into an easy to use question and answer format. This manual is broken down into nine main policy areas (with detailed subsections): AFCARS, CAPTA, Independent Living, MEPA/IEAP, Monitoring, SACWIS, Title IV-B, Title IV-E, Tribes/Indian Tribal Organizations. Future policy guidance will be disseminated in this format and announced as "Updates!" to the manual. This web-based manual ensures that the most current policy information is available to the States in the quickest and most accurate way.