Final Report on the Summit Permanency Collaborative (SPC)

Final Report on the Summit Permanency Collaborative (SPC) This final report highlights the Summit Permanency Collaborative (SPC), a permanency program created to address the needs of children at risk for aging out of foster care in Summit County, Ohio.  SPC was a four-year public/private partnership between the Waiting Child Fund, Summit County Children Services, Caring For Kids, Inc., Christian Children's Home of Ohio, and Summit County CASA/GAL.  The program was successful in achieving the goals of finding permanency for long-staying youth, reducing the number of children who enter Permanent Custody, and establishing a "culture of permanency" within Summit County.  This report includes information on SPC's history and program development; discusses SPC's goals and objectives; details outcomes and cost savings analysis; and shares success stories, recommendations, and lessons learned.  (April 2014)