Legal Center for Foster Care & Education

The Legal Center for Foster Care and Education is pleased to announce our newly enhanced and expanded website and searchable database. Both are designed to be a central hub of information on foster care and education issues, and connect advocates from across the country. Before you can access the new website, we ask that you please first take a moment to complete this brief survey to let us know how efforts in your state and locality have been around implementation of the education stability provisions of Fostering Connections.  The URL for this very brief survey can be found at  Once you have completed the short survey you will have access to the new website. 

We encourage you to complete the survey, and share the survey link with anyone in your state or locality that works on foster care and education issues.  We would greatly appreciate their thoughts on Fostering Connections implementation, and we would like to share our new website and resources with all who are focused on improving educational success of children in foster care.