A Model for Developing the Next Generation of Future Child Advocates

Mel Schneiderman - APSAC Board Member
The National APSAC Board recently endorsed Future Child Advocates (FCA) as an important initiative in the field of child maltreatment and anti-bullying and has agreed to form an advisory committee to help further the goals of the project. APSAC will become Future Child Advocates’ national multidisciplinary partner, lending its credibility, providing a network of national and local experts to speak at club events, and helping to identify community sites for student volunteers. It is our hope that students across the nation will become APSAC affiliate or student members and serve on local, state, and national committees to further APSAC’s aspirations. We are a leading voice in the field, intending to increase awareness of issues of child abuse and neglect as well as bullying among college students and the general public.
What Is the Problem?
All forms of violence, child abuse, harassment, and bullying continue to be an unfortunate reality of today’s society. This is especially true for more vulnerable populations of children and young people. Work has been done to provide greater support and
attention to this concern, along with better training of professionals who are more directly involved with such children at risk. CONTINUE READING FULL ARTICLE-CLICK HERE.