Global Advocacy Toolkit for the Social Service Workforce

This federally funded report is intended to provide advocates with a common set of tools and message with which to bring about greater political and programmatic priority for strengthening the social services workforce. The toolkit is research based, solutions-focused, and includes lessons from behavioral science and original research on the most effective ways to communicate to policy and decision-makers. It outlines the relevance of advocacy and communications, and highlights concrete steps for the social services workforce Ambassadors, practitioners, and researchers to develop their own context-specific advocacy plans. The toolkit begins with an explanation of the importance of advocacy and the methodology used to develop the toolkit. Chapter 2 reviews effective strategies to use when talking to policy and decision-makers, including: be personal, tell a story with data, provide incentives, highlight solutions, use loss aversion, and provide context. Key communication tools are also explained. Chapter 3 provides an overview of the most relevant advocacy opportunities for the field on the global level, focusing especially on health, violence against children, and migration. Chapter 4 reviews research findings on the best way to identify and research advocacy objectives. A step-by-step guide is provided for developing a specific advocacy plan and general narratives are provided for addressing violence against children, migration, and health challenges. In addition, tips are included for writing and pitching an op-ed, using social media, and developing infographics. 

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Title: Global Advocacy Toolkit for the Social Service Workforce. 
Published: 2017 
Available from: Global Social Service Workforce Alliance 
1776 I St NW 
Washington, DC 20006