What can be done to stop the criminalization of black girls? Rebuild the system

USA Today - May 14, 2019

Black girls don't misbehave more than white girls yet in every state across the country they are more likely to be disciplined in school and often receive harsher penalties for the same infractions, experts and researchers have found. They are "dress coded" more frequently than white peers and often viewed as hypersexualized and "adultified" at an early age. Nationally, they are nearly six times more likely to get out-of-school suspension than white counterparts and more likely to be suspended multiple times than any other gender or race of student, according to research by the African American Policy Forum and Columbia Law School's Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies. That disproportionality contributes to a cycle documented by the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in which black girls are three times more likely to be referred to juvenile court than white girls and 20 percent more likely to be detained.

Report: Girlhood Interrupted: The Erasure of Black Girls' Childhood: https://www.law.georgetown.edu/poverty-inequality-center/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2017/08/girlhood-interrupted.pdf