Report to Congress: The Child Welfare System Response to Sex Trafficking of Children

Sex trafficking of children is a growing public health and social justice concern.  This report to Congress addresses three topics of particular relevance for efforts to prevent trafficking2 of minors and respond to victimized children:  (1) children who run away from foster care and their risk of trafficking victimization; (2) state efforts to provide specialized services and placements to children who are sex trafficking victims;3 and (3) state efforts to reduce children’s risk of trafficking by supporting lasting connections to caring adults.  Information in this report is based on research literature, published reports, state reports to the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) for federal fiscal years 2017 and 2018, state child welfare agency websites, and national data systems on children in foster care and those reported to have run away from foster care.

Gibbs, D. A. Feinberg, R. K. Dolan, M. Latzman, N. E. Misra, S. Domanico, R. RTI International. United States Administration for Children and Families.