Family Agency and Voice: Designing the Next Generation of Family Engagement

Author(s): Caspe, Margaret.;Atkin, Catherine.;Reyal, Laura De.;Hau, Isabelle.;Keesey, Dorreen.;Ligon, Nisha.;Wilton, Katelin.;Salinas, Steven.
Published: 2019
Available from: Global Family Research Project
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Abstract: At the LEGO Idea Conference 2019 in Billund, Denmark, five organizations—the Global Family Research Project, Omidyar Network, Ubongo, International Rescue Committee, and the Early Learning Lab-engaged in a conversation with a broad audience about how co-design creates shifts in family engagement and gives families agency and voice. From these conversations, four critical concepts emerged that individuals and organizations can use to develop, expand, and improve the knowledge, resources, and mindsets needed to grow their capacity for co-design. These four concepts include: create mechanisms for deeply understanding families; design programs and services with low floors, high ceilings, and wide walls; build learning feedback loops, and keep iterating based on learning; and going to scale is more than just numbers. (Author abstract modified)