Family and Youth Partnership Workgroup Description and Committee Listing

The purpose of the Family and Youth Partnership Workgroup is to explore ways to transform practice within the 16th Judicial District to promote greater involvement of families, children and youth as active decision-makers, goal-setters, collaborators, experts, change-agents, and partners at all stages of the case planning and legal processes and in all phases of the child welfare system.  The workgroup seeks to engage present and former consumers of child welfare services and their formal and informal support systems in open and honest communication about: 

  • Better utilization of family resources and kinship connections, 
  • Solution and outcome-focused planning and decision-making that is needs-driven and strengths-based
  • Open, transparent, and non-judgmental interactions within the child welfare system
  • Partnering between families, youth and child welfare professionals 
  • Promotion of  parent and youth voices that help shape child welfare supports and services in the 16th Judicial District

A related purpose of the workgroup is to collaborate in the identification, recruitment, training, and employment of parents who have negotiated the child welfare system as mentors, partners, and resources for parents with current involvement. Workgroup members include representatives of the Department of Children and Family Services, CASA, The Extra Mile Family Resource Center, the Public Defenders Office, 16th Judicial District Children and Youth Planning Board, and the Chitimacha Tribe, private behavioral health providers, and the young adult community. Current members of the workgroup are:

  • Linda Boudreaux, The Extra Mile
  • Sherry Frye, 16th JD Children and Youth Planning Board
  • Jacqueline Wilson, Louisiana CASA
  • Revonda Kirby, Louisiana CASA
  • Lewis Pitman, Iberia Parish IDO
  • Karen Matthews, Chitimacha Tribe Human Services Department
  • Robin Hedge, CASA of Acadiana
  • Page Davis, CASA of Acadiana
  • Dena Moore, Moore, Vincent, and Partners
  • Skyi Vincent, Moore, Vincent, and Partners
  • Marilyn Smith, DCFS
  • Michael Seider, DCFS, Chair