Family Teaming Practice Workgroup Description and Committee Listing

As specified in Louisiana's CFSR Program Improvement Plan, the goal of the Family Teaming Practice workgroup is to lay the ground work, with assistance from the NRC for In Home Services and DCFS Program Staff, for the transformation of practice in the 16th Judicial District through implementation of effective family involvement and decision-making practices, with a central focus on the family team meeting process and its integration with existing assessment tools and current polices and practices.  This process would entail:

  • Consideration of best practice principles and benefits of a child welfare family team meeting process and its support of the current DCFS Child Welfare assessment and decision-making processes
  • Selection of one or more family team meeting models that will enhance family (including extended family and fictive kin) and community involvement (including informal supports) for use across all program areas, including complementing a redefined Family Team Conference process 
  • Recommendation of a training curriculum for the selected family team meeting model or models (and other teaming skills and practices) and of a training implementation plan for DCFS Child Welfare personnel and other community partners and stakeholders in the 16th JD 
  • Formulation of a plan for reinforcing knowledge, skill building, and commitment to the selected family team meeting process (and other teaming skills and practices) and the values and principles of strength-based, solution-focused practice, e.g., learning circles for supervisors, etc.
  • Recommendation of a plan to phase in the practice of the selected family team meeting model at key points of engagement and decision-making with families and youth across all program areas
  • Communication of successes and lessons learned over the course of implementation of the family team meeting model and other teaming skills and practices for the purpose of extending the models and practices to other areas of the state

Workgroup members include representatives of DCFS Operations from Iberia, St. Martin and St. Mary Parishes, Lafayette Regional Administration, and State Program; Louisiana CASA and CASA of Acadiana; former consumers of child welfare services; the Court Improvement Project; the Office of Behavioral Health/Addictive Disorders; The Extra Mile Family Resource Center; Department of Health and Hospitals; Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana; JDA Family Services Division; and the Transformation Zone Advisory Committee. Current members of the workgroup are:

  • Patricia Mitchell, OM, Iberia/St. Mary
  • Leslie Vidrine, OM, St. Martin Parish
  • Linda Lopez, CW Spec 4, Iberia
  • Patricia Stewart, CW Spec 4, St. Martin, CPI/Family Services
  • Doris Hawkins, CW Spec 4, St. Mary CPI/Family Services
  • Liz Belaire, CW Spec 3, St. Martin Foster Care
  • Sandra Moore, CW