Engaging Noncustodial Fathers in Child Welfare Cases: A Guide for Children's Attorneys and Lawyer Guardians

This practice brief offers attorneys a new tool to advocate on behalf of children by reaching out to their fathers. It provides tips on identifying and locating the fathers of children who enter the child welfare system. It also helps attorneys assess fathers' capacities to be a placement or other resources for their children. Attorneys learn how to involve paternal relatives in case planning, and recognize how fathers learn and seek help differently than mothers, among other things.

A free copy of this brief is attached or you can download a copy at www.fatherhoodqic.org. The brief is a product of the National Quality Improvement Center on Nonresident Fathers and the Child Welfare System (QIC NRF). The QIC NRF, through research, seeks to understand the relationship between children, noncustodial fathers and the child welfare system. The QIC NRF has developed materials and guidance for lawyers, judges, social workers and fathers on the importance of father engagement.