Introduction to Family-Centered Practice: A Curriculum

During 2009 – 2010 the National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections partnered with Building Professional Social Work in Developing Countries to develop a Child Protection curriculum for social work faculty in Indonesia under a contract with Save the Children. This was a unique opportunity to work with social work faculty in Indonesia to develop introductory curriculum that highlight the concepts of permanency and family-centered practice.

The curriculum grew out of research conducted by Save the Children on the Quality of Care in Childcare Institutions in Indonesia. According to the Executive Summary “Someone that Matters” the research showed that despite a stated on supporting orphans, almost 90% of children in the childcare institutions surveyed had at least one parent with more than 56% having both parents alive. Less than 6% of the children in the institutions assessed were true orphans (lost both parents). No information was available about the parental situation for the remaining 4%. The research showed that children were placed in the institutions by their own families primarily as a result of their economic situation and mostly in order to secure their education.