Kinship Foster Care

Kinship Foster Care (Special Issue of Children's Mental Health Research Quarterly).
Schwartz, C. Waddell, C. Barican, J. Gray-Grant, D. Dickson, S. Nightingale, L.
Children's Mental Health Research Quarterly
8 (3) p. 1-16

Most parents strive to provide their children with the best care they
possibly can. In reality, however, despite best intentions, some
parents cannot meet their children’s basic needs. In these situations,
young people may have to live outside of the family home, at least temporarily.
Child protection agencies have traditionally responded by placing children
with foster parents who have no previous relationship with the young person or
their family.

More recently, however, these agencies have started to place children
with relatives or community members who are known to the children and
families involved.  Click above to read the full article.