States start to crack down on parents 're-homing' their adopted kids

ABA Journal - by Leslie A. Gordon, Posted Online December 1, 2014

Among pet owners, "re-homing" an unwanted dog or cat is a relatively straightforward process. The owner who seeks an alternative home often places an ad on the Internet, and a private transaction occurs that moves the pet to a new family.

But with the rise of foreign adoptions of children and the inability of some parents to handle troubled youths, more and more desperate families are taking that approach with adopted youngsters and re-homing the children with strangers. Often those re-homed children report gruesome tales of physical, sexual or emotional abuse by their new guardians.

The process of re-homing has been largely unregulated—no federal laws prohibit the exchange of unwanted adopted kids. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE, INCLUDING INFORMATION ABOUT LOUISIANA'S NEW LAW.    (December 2014)