Author(s): Caspe, Margaret.;Atkin, Catherine.;Reyal, Laura De.;Hau, Isabelle.;Keesey, Dorreen.;Ligon, Nisha.;Wilton, Katelin.;Salinas, Steven.
Published: 2019
Available from: Global Family Research Project
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TSNE Mission Works
89 South Street
Boston, MA 02111
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Abstract: At the LEGO Idea Conference 2019 in Billund, Denmark, five organizations—the Global Family Research Project, Omidyar Network, Ubongo, International Rescue Committee, and the Early Learning Lab-engaged in a conversation with a broad audience about how co-design creates shifts in family engagement and gives families agency and voice. From these conversations, four critical concepts emerged that individuals and organizations can use to develop, expand, and improve the knowledge, resources, and mindsets needed to grow their capacity for co-design. These four concepts include: create mechanisms for deeply understanding families; design programs and services with low floors, high ceilings, and wide walls; build learning feedback loops, and keep iterating based on learning; and going to scale is more than just numbers. (Author abstract modified) 

This slide presentation presents preliminary findings from a study that is investigating how engaged families are in the Pennsylvania Title IV-E Child Welfare Demonstration Project.

Author(s): Perry, Marlo A.;Rauktis, Mary E.
Published: 2019
Available from: University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work
https://www.socialwork.pitt.eduexternal link(opens in new window)
2117 Cathedral of Learning
4200 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
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Dads Rock! Nurturing Father Engagement

Information Gateway recently added a new video to the Building Community, Building Hope collection called "Dad's Rock! Nurturing Father Engagement." "Dad's Rock!" follows fathers on the journey to deepen their bonds with their children and the professionals working to improve father engagement. Research indicates children have increased positive outcomes when dads are involved, and yet all too often, agencies struggle to attract fathers to their services, and fathers face unconscious bias that keeps them at arms' length. Highlighting the work of the Children's Trust of Massachusetts Fatherhood Initiative, this film takes viewers into home visits with dads, father support groups, and professional men's family service providers' groups. The 11-minute video provides insights into working differently with dads and addressing existing biases. Watch this and other videos in the Building Community, Building Hope collection at

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VIDEO: Building Community, Building Hope

VIDEO: Building Community, Building Hope

The Children's Bureau and Office of Child Abuse and Neglect (OCAN) recently released the video, Building Community, Building Hope, as part of a series of actions preventing and responding to child maltreatment.  This video follows three programs, located in Iowa, Oregon, and California, that experienced success to innovatively engage parents and communities as a means to prevent and respond to child maltreatment. 

Watch the Building Community, Building Hope video and visit the National Child Abuse and Neglect Technical Assistance and Strategic Dissemination Center (CANTASD) website for access to a discussion guide, FAQs, and more background on the series.

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