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Knowing the Signs of Youth Sex Trafficking

How You Can Help

Human trafficking is one of the greatest issues the world faces today, and cases today are typically based in historical trauma. Native communities know this especially to be true. It is no secret that ever since European settlers arrived and encroached upon Native lands, Native individuals have been trafficked. Today, many reservations attract outside visitors who would solicit trafficked victims, especially with the rise of casinos. It is ultimately up to the community to recognize the signs, and to take what steps they can to help remedy this dire issue. In this resource, you will learn some of the common signs of a trafficked victim and what you can do to help. There is also some information that can be used and shared to prevent becoming a victim in the first place. While it is the responsibility of law enforcement to apprehend those who perpetuate human trafficking activities, it is the moral responsibility of all people to report a situation if they feel like someone is being trafficked.




Mentoring for Youth with Backgrounds of Involvement in Commercial Sex Activity

National Mentoring Resource Center Population Review

Author: David L DuBois and Jennifer K. Felner

Published January 2016

Abstract   PDF 


Published in Children's Justice Act

The Capacity Building Center for Courts has created a Domestic Child Sex Trafficking Judicial Desk Reference Guide.  This resource provides links and examples of how Court Improvement Programs (CIP) can implement P.L. 113-183.  Specifically, it addresses:


How to form a 113-183 Task Force


How to measure your success as a 113-183 Task Force


How to identify victims and potential victims of Trafficking


How to identify and provide services for victims/potential victims of Trafficking


How to be (Trafficking) Trauma-Informed and how to conduct a Trauma audit of your court


The PDF version is attached here and the web link to the resource is: file:///C:/Users/lesli/Downloads/113-183BenchReference-_ColorFixed-md4_jd4_cm-md-QF.PDF


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Leslie Briner, MSW

P.L. 113-183 Sex Trafficking Constituency Group Lead


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