A Proclamation on National Foster Care Month, 2024

The nearly 370,000 children in foster care deserve to grow up in safe and loving homes that help them reach their full potential.  During National Foster Care Month, we share our gratitude for the foster parents who show foster youth unconditional love and the biological parents who work hard to reunite with their children despite difficult circumstances.  We thank all the dedicated staff and volunteers who help foster youth find temporary and permanent homes.  We commend the immeasurable courage of kids in foster care, who truly represent the best of our American spirit.

No young person should have to face the challenges that foster youth endure.  The trauma they experience, including being separated from their biological families at a young age, can leave lasting emotional, mental, and physical scars that take a toll on their adult lives.  Too often, it is children of color who bear the brunt of this toll:  One in nine Black children and one in seven Native American children have been in foster care.  Our Nation has a moral responsibility to ensure all our children are taken care of, especially our foster youth.

That begins with giving families the support and resources they need to provide for their children.  The Child Tax Credit I championed during the pandemic cut taxes for millions and cut child poverty in half — the lowest rate ever.  It gave families some breathing room, making sure they had the funds they needed to provide for their children.  Ensuring families have access to support and resources is so important, especially because poverty can lead to unnecessary interventions that remove children from their homes.  My Administration has also invested hundreds of millions of dollars in expanding and improving neglect prevention and child protective services. 


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