Counting Young Children in the 2020 Census

This fact sheet explains the 2020 Census helps determine which areas qualify for the critical resources that children and families depend on for the next 10 years. It notes an estimated 5% of children under the age of five were missed in the 2010 Census, representing the largest undercount of any age group. Reasons why young children are missed in the census are identified and strategies are then discussed for ensuring young children are included in the 2020 Census. Challenges include situations in which the child splits times between to homes or lives with a relative or grandparent, lives in a home with a young, single parent or guardian, is a newborn, lives in a multigenerational home, lives in a home that rents or recently moved, lives in a home where they are not supposed to be, lives in a lower-income home, lives in a non-English speaking home, or lives in a home of recent immigrants or foreign-born adults. United States Census Bureau CLICK HERE

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