Coffee & Conversations Speaker Series Promoting Positive Discipline Techniques: Alternatives to Physical Punishment

The LA Children’s Trust Fund presents the monthly Coffee and Conversations series focused on the theme Promoting Positive Discipline: Alternatives to Physical Punishment. In this session, our guest speaker Dr. Amy Dickson will explore various strategies and approaches to discipline that nurture healthy child development and foster positive relationships. From understanding the impacts of physical punishment to learning effective alternatives, participants will gain valuable insights and practical tools to create a supportive and nurturing environment for children.

About the guest speaker: Amy B. Dickson, Psy.D. (1998, Clinical Psychology, Nova Southeastern University; 1998-1999, Postdoctoral Fellow in Infant Mental Health and Trauma work, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center): Dr. Dickson is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at LSUHSC and is the Psychology Section Deputy Chief and the Child Coordinator of the Psychology Internship Training Program. She co-directs the Harris Infant Mental Health training with Dr. Joy Osofsky, is a Child-Parent Psychotherapy trainer, and is the Director of the Infant Team which treats children ages 0-5 years in the foster care system in several parishes in Louisiana. She is part of two Baby Courts and trains around the country on infant mental health and court team work. Dr. Dickson consults to local child protection agencies, sees clients at LSU’s Behavioral Sciences Center, and is working to bring Early Childhood Supports and Services back to Louisiana so all families with young children can have support. Dr. Dickson specializes in trauma and infant mental health.

Sign up today! You must be present for over 50% of the presentation for us to award credits. 


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