Homelessness and Housing Instability Among LGBTQ Youth

Trevor Project. 2022

Executive Summary
LGBTQ youth are overrepresented among young people experiencing homelessness and
housing instability in the United States. This elevated risk of homelessness and housing
instability has detrimental effects on LGBTQ youths’ mental health. This report uses data
from the 2021 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health to examine the prevalence of
homelessness and various manifestations of housing instability among LGBTQ youth and
their mental health symptoms. It also examines rates of homelessness and housing
instability among various subgroups within the LGBTQ community and the prevalence of
experiences which are frequently connected to housing instability (e.g., food insecurity).
Finally, it includes recommendations for preventing and combating LGBTQ youth

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