Organizing for Racial Equity Within the Federal Government

President Biden’s Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved
Communities Through the Federal Government presents a generational opportunity to bring
the full force of the federal government to the work of racial equity and justice. To realize
its potential, racial equity practitioners will need to organize from within government to
continually bring people together towards a common vision of racial equity. In order to sustain
momentum such organizing should be coupled with investments in growing organizational
capacity and networked infrastructure across the whole of government.
The work ahead requires a clear vision for a racially equitable government that includes:
• Racial equity values embodied in processes, outcomes, and products of the racial equity
• Growth in the number and influence of racial equity practitioners across agencies and
offices and up and down the hierarchy;
• Strong relationships among racial equity practitioners to develop and share skills,
lessons and approaches to strengthen racial equity work;
• A culture of learning that makes the disruption of the status quo an opportunity for
innovation and building of trust;
• Structural changes that generate accountable government relationships with
communities most impacted by racial inequities as the norm, as well as the use of tools
to change policies, practices, and procedures.

This resource guide lays out how to advance this vision through four organizing strategies.

Download the report.

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