Trauma-Informed Youth Transitions in Tribal Child Welfare

The Capacity Building Center for Tribes’ Tribal Information Exchange released a series of tip sheets on trauma-informed practice in tribal child welfare. One of the tip sheets, Trauma-Informed Youth Transitions in Tribal Child Welfare, focuses on helping tribal child welfare professionals understand the trauma that tribal children may have faced, respond appropriately, and prevent future traumatic experiences as they support them throughout the transitions they may experience during their involvement with child welfare, including removal, placement, and reunification. 

The tip sheet describes how child welfare programs and caseworkers can use a trauma-informed care approach to support youth as they leave their homes, transition into a new home and environment, and transition back home. It also provides suggestions and questions to ask when implementing a trauma-informed approach to tribal youth transitions as well as additional resources on trauma-informed care, tribal child welfare best practices, and more.

Read the tip sheet, Trauma-Informed Youth Transitions in Tribal Child Welfare, to learn more

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