Infant Development from 0-3

While each of the Child Development workshops can be taken independently, taking them as a series gives a detailed perspective on the growth and development of children ages 0-12.  Each session includes important milestones that typical children achieve and the warning signs that they are falling behind.  The sessions also include activities that you can do with the child to help them thrive.  All sessions highlight the unique challenges that children in foster care may face as a result of being abused or neglected,  born with addiction or fetal alcohol syndrome or attachment problems. All workshops include discussion time, reflection time, and case studies.

In addition to developmental milestones, warning signs and activities, The Infant – 3 Years Old session includes info on failure to thrive, shaken-baby syndrome, delays vs disabilities, and early intervention.

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Learn about the important milestones between birth and three years of age. These milestones represent typical development in language, learning (cognitive), physical movement, and social/emotional growth.
  • Learn about early warning signs that may signal early delays, disabilities, or lack of attachment.
  • Become familiar with famous theories and studies on the effects of separation, difference between delays and disabilities, and specific conditions such as failure to thrive, fetal alcohol syndrome, and shaken baby syndrome. Participants will learn the short and long term ramifications of early  abuse and neglect.
  • Learn how to help infants and toddlers thrive.


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