Lifebooks that Heal

A healing Lifebook is much, much more than a photo album. It provides an opportunity for a child to give context to their life by understanding their roots and how they came into the child welfare system.  It contains fun pages such as their likes and dislikes and dreams for the future – and also pages that list their various placements, court hearings and health history of family members.

This workshop will present information on how to create a Lifebook that will become a cherished treasure for an entire lifetime. It will discuss why lifebooks are so important, and how difficult information can be presented in a thoughtful and healing manner. Participants will also have an opportunity to create a few Lifebook pages about their own life! Registrants will be provided an All About Me Lifebook Kit after completing the training.

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Become aware of why lifebooks are particularly important to children in foster care.
  • Understand the elements of a lifebook and critical information important to include in it.
  • Learn how to create lifebook pages using templates or by designing them in a manner that includes narration, photos, and mementos.


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