Real Life Skills for Success

Successful independent living is exciting and challenging. What are the practical skills and knowledge that help make it easier? This course is designed for young people and their parents or foster parents, who can help them prepare for success in their first independent living situation. This course offers tips for making a great first impression on others, understanding legal terms like lease or security deposit, apartment safety, what is nice versus what is necessary for furnishing an apartment, and how to maintain a healthy body and mind. The course also touches on auto care and cautions, living within your means, and finding ways to earn extra income.

Note: Youth are encouraged to take the course with their foster parents and to go through the handouts with them and help them acquire skills that they do not yet have. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to help their youth:

  • Develop SOCIAL SKILLS to make a positive first impression
  • Learn the basics of successful INDEPENDENT LIVING
  • Learn how to maintain a HEALTHY BODY AND MIND
  • Understand AUTO maintenance needs and what to do in an accident or when pulled over by the police
  • Learn the basics of finding income opportunities, budget basics, and paying off debt because MONEY MATTERS


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