Family Treatment Courts – Strategy Briefs

Children and Family Futures (CFF), in partnership with Casey Family Programs, has developed a series of three briefs on family treatment courts (FTCs). The briefs inform professionals in child welfare, substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, courts, and other key stakeholders about the FTC model—along with current research, best practices, and strategies to improve outcomes for all families affected by parental SUDs.

Brief 1: What are Family Treatment Courts and how do they improve outcomes for families?provides an overview of the FTC model including necessary components, outcomes, and model types.  

Brief 2: What can we learn from Family Treatment Courts about improving practice for families affected by substance use disorder?examines practice-level strategies and evidence to ensure comprehensive service delivery and improve outcomes for families.

Brief 3: What can we learn from Family Treatment Courts to support systems change?shows how FTCs are a catalyst for systems change by outlining strategies to integrate FTC best practices into larger systems of care.

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