Building And Empowering Impactful Children’s Cabinets

Background  Childrens cabinets typically comprise key public and private sector experts and can be critical to the cross-agency coordination of the Governor’s children’s initiatives. A powerful tool in a Governor’s arsenal, they can foster momentum across multiple different departments and … Read More

An Exploration of Online Professional Development Systems Supporting the Competencies of Infant and Toddler Teachers and Caregivers: Key Findings and Next Steps for Learning

To support the quality of care for infants and toddlers, states, national organizations, and institutions of higher education have made efforts to outline specific competencies (that is, knowledge, skills, and attributes) that are essential to the practice of teaching and … Read More

Transform Child Welfare through Support for the Workforce

Goals: Child Welfare System Transformation Starts with a Strong Workforce A well-trained and well-staffed child welfare workforce is vital to the goals of legislators and the broader community. All the reforms enacted by Congress in recent years, including screening victims … Read More


Analysis From a State-By-State Survey of Kinship Care Policies UNDERSTANDING KINSHIP CARE Kinship care is a critical resource for children and youth who come to the attention of the child welfare system. Kin caregiving has grown significantly over the past … Read More

Resource Guide for Kinship/Grandfamily Providers

The 2022 National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers provides a roadmap for organizations and agencies to better support kin/grandfamily caregivers and the children they raise.  Kin caregivers, also called grandfamily caregivers, are grandparents, other relatives, or close family friends raising children as … Read More

2023/2024 Prevention Resource Guide

Child Abuse Prevention Month and Year-round Guidance Access the 2023/2024 Prevention Resource Guide any time online! Explore the innovative strategies that champion inclusivity, tackle racial equity, and address systemic factors affecting families. Read about the impacts organizations across the nation … Read More

Child Abuse Prevention Month Outreach Toolkit 2024

National Child Abuse Prevention Month: April 2024 Whether by proclamation, through social media, with graphics, or through other means, spreading the word about child abuse prevention lets your community know they can take action to strengthen families and help them … Read More

Behavioral Health Diagnoses and Treatment Services for Children and Youth Involved with the Child Welfare System


Where We Stand: A 20-Year Retrospective Of The Unaccompanied Children’s Program In The United States

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Where We Stand: A 20-Year Retrospective of the Unaccompanied Children’s Program in the United States reviews the Unaccompanied Children’s Program from the passage of the Homeland Security Act (HSA) of 2002 until today. It assesses 20 years of … Read More

McGirt v Oklahoma and What Clinicians Should Know About Present-Day Child Abuse and Legacies of Forced Migration

In 1997, Jimcy McGirt was convicted by the State of Oklahoma for sex crimes against a minor. McGirt appealed his conviction, citing that Oklahoma lacked jurisdiction over the case due to his tribal citizenship, since the crime took place on … Read More