Grant Workgroups

CIP Training Grant Subcommittee members include:

  • T. Darlene Bewley, Training Coordinator

CIP Data Collection Workgroup members include:

  • Judge Ernestine Gray, CIP CARE Committee Chair/Orleans Parish Juvenile Court
  • S. Mark Harris, CIP Coordinator/Louisiana Supreme Court
  • Anthony Gagliano, Deputy Judicial Administrator/Louisiana Supreme Court
  • Chris Andrieu, Chief Information Officer/Louisiana Supreme Court
  • Lynette Adams, FINS Coordinator/Louisiana Supreme Court
  • Terry Skaggs, ACESS/ IT Project Director/Louisiana Department of Social Services
  • William Vincent, OCS/Quality Assurance & Research/Louisiana Department of Social Services
  • Debra G. Lazare, Workgroup Coordinator/METHODS Technology Solutions, Inc.


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