Implementing Child Welfare IT Systems Using “Low Code” Solutions

Purchasing or building software solutions to support child welfare practice can be a daunting task. These complex systems can be expensive and must meet the needs of a diverse group of users throughout the title IV-E agency. Many software companies offer a type of software called “low code” or “no code” with the purported benefits of reduced costs and quicker implementation. The Children’s Bureau’s Division of State Systems recently published a technical bulletin that provides title IV-E agencies that develop child welfare information systems with details about low code solutions and outlines what title IV-E agency leaders and decision-makers should understand about these solutions. Ideally, both program and technical staff will review and use the information as it is critical to assist the agency in making informed decisions. An agency may use this technical bulletin at any point, but it is most beneficial during planning when assessing needs, technical options, and selection criteria. 


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