Judicial, Court, and Attorney Measures of Performance (JCAMP) Volume III: Implementation Toolbox

Developed by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges – Capacity Building Center for Judges


The Judicial, Court, and Attorney Measures of Performance (JCAMP) project developed a Toolbox to support implementation of the measures into practice. This Toolbox supports Volume II: Implementation Guide and offers examples of tools for implementation. These tools can and should be modified as needed by the site during implementation to best meet local needs.

Volume III: Implementation Toolbox is organized to align with the steps in Volume II: Implementation Guide:

  • Step 1: Form Your Team
  • Step 2: Select and Prioritize Measures
  • Step 3: Visualize Your Path
  • Step 4: Get Your Data
  • Step 5: Use Your Data
  • Step 6: Sustain Your Performance Measurement Efforts

Each step represents a section of the Toolbox. The sections have a brief introduction and overview of the tools within to guide you through use of each tool. You can easily navigate to the section of interest by clicking the hyperlinks above or using the Table of Contents as a starting point.

Tools to Form Your Team

Step 1 includes guidance on getting started in performance measurement work, specifically in forming a team to guide the work. Two tools in the Toolbox are related to teaming.

  • Teaming Checklist. This tool provides a basic checklist for consideration in teaming. It includes steps identified in the Implementation Guide for successful teaming. It is meant to be used to determine if the steps in forming a team have been met.
  • Teaming Structure Template. This tool provides a template with the types of information that teams need to discuss to create a structure for future teaming efforts. It includes blank spaces to complete when the team answers the questions.

Tools to Select and Prioritize Measures

Needs Assessment. Collecting data on all the measures may be too burdensome for all sites. It is important to consider how the measures might be helpful to your organization. This needs assessment will help you prioritize which measures to collect by identifying what you want to know and the resources you have to collect the data. The Needs Assessment includes four steps.

  1. Identify priority topics of interest for your site.
  2. Use information about current goals or projects to help you select and prioritize measures.
  3. Further prioritize among the measures by determining your data capacity for each measure.
  4. Select data collection methods.

Excel File to Sort and Prioritize Measures is available here. Use this form to help you sort selected measures by the recommended data collection method. This tool is useful in planning for data collection.

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