Legal Resource Manual for Foster Parents Curriculum

This four-module training curriculum is based on the Legal Resource Manual for Foster Parents developed for the National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) by Regina Deihl, J.D., Legal Advocates for Permanent Parenting and Cecilia Fiermonte, J.D., American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law. The manual itself can be purchased through the NFPA website.

The curriculum was developed by Regina Deihl, J.D., Cecilia Fiermonte, J.D., and Dianne Kocer and Karen Jorgenson of the NFPA, with the support of the National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections, A Service of the Children’s Bureau. For each module we provide the instructor’s guide, which includes all handouts, and a PowerPoint presentation to be used in presenting the module.

Download Module 1: Permanency Foster Parents and the Law

Download Module 2:Dependency Court and Removal of Children

Download Module 3: Court Participation by Foster Parents

Download Module 4: Allegations of Maltreatment

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