Louisiana’s Families in Need of Services
Laws Providing the Right Services to
Children and Families

By Curtis Nelson, Jr.

Everyone monitoring news outlets have heard comments that more needs to be done to prevent children from engaging in criminal activity, which, due to their minor status, is referred to as delinquency activity. Concerns about public safety and how to effectively work with youth engaging in risky and sometimes dangerous behavior have once again become a hot topic for the Louisiana Legislature, juvenile justice
stakeholders and the public.

Louisiana Children’s Code and FINS In Louisiana, the Children’s Code specifically provides an early intervention process to help the state’s troubled youth avoid going into the deep end of the juvenile and criminal justice system. The laws are found under the provisions of Title VII of the Louisiana Children’s Code in the section “Families in Need of Services” (the FINS statutes). The FINS provisions were enacted to address the various status offenses that, if not properly addressed, could contribute to a child engaging in
delinquency later in life; or, putting the child at a higher risk for victimization; or placing an overall increased potential for physical and mental health issues, including addiction.

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Louisiana Bar Journal August / September 2022

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