Child Welfare Policy

Child Exploitation in Special Areas and Populations

Most child sexual abuse offenses fall under state jurisdiction. However, when the offense occurs on federal lands, such as national parks, military bases, or tribal territories, then the case falls under federal jurisdiction. Other areas of federal jurisdiction include federally … Read More

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Temporary Child-Welfare Placements Target Nonwhite Children Disproportionately

Rutgers Today – December 21, 2022 Nationwide, children who are removed from their homes by child protective services for fewer than 30 days are overwhelmingly Asian American, Black or Native American, raising questions about the impartiality of states’ child welfare … Read More

Louisiana DCFS: Job Satisfaction Survey

Released: December 2, 2022 This report provides the results of our job satisfaction survey of child welfare (CW) staff within the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and information on agency initiatives to improve employee morale and job satisfaction. … Read More

Benefits of Kinship Placement

The American Bar Association (ABA) developed a tool for lawyers to use in trial or during their appellate arguments to help them advocate for kinship placement. Benefits of Kinship Placement includes information and resources that counsel may be able to include in … Read More

Speaking of Change: How Can Kinship Care Advance Racial Equity in Child Welfare?

Amara’s Kinship Program has a second installment in its Speaking of Change webinar series. This webinar, “Speaking of Change: How Can Kinship Care Advance Racial Equity in Child Welfare,” seeks to break down common assumptions and misconceptions about foster care and adoption by sharing … Read More

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Sharing and Accessing Administrative Data: Promising Practices and Lessons Learned from the Child Maltreatment Incidence Data Linkages Project

OPRE Report; 2022-107. Varley, Beth. Wuslin, Claire Smither. Mathematica. United States. Administration for Children and Families. Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation. 2022 Accurate and ongoing surveillance of the incidence of child maltreatment and related risk and protective factors can … Read More

Prevention Mindset Institute: Embracing Prevention Across Systems

Summary Report What does it take to shift mindsets across multiple, interconnected systems? Can mindsets be shifted within decades-old child-welfare systems—systems that wield enormous reach and power? What would motivate change? The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) has promoted … Read More

Addressing Structural Racism Through Equitable Policy Making for Black Families

Source: Child Trends This issue brief series identifies key information and opportunities for consideration by policymakers, researchers, practitioners, philanthropists, and others interested in supporting the progress of Black families and children—and, by extension, the country as a whole. The series … Read More

Child Welfare Court Cases Involving Prenatal Substance Use: Policy Considerations

State supreme and appellate courts presiding over civil child protection cases often decide legal issues relating to a mother’s prenatal use of substances. As courts answer questions that arise during child welfare proceedings, they often interpret state civil child abuse … Read More

Using a Trauma-Informed Approach With Parents of Color in Family Court

A Report by Tricia Stephens, LCSW-R, Ph.D. Shifting to more trauma-informed practices in family court has been shown to improve outcomes for families. A report presented on the Rise website details the importance of using a trauma-informed approach in working … Read More