Five Resources for Lawyers Representing Transition Aged Youth

Some tips and resources to help you prepare your client to age out of the child welfare system. By Cathy Krebs – January 2021 Lawyers who represent transition-aged youth (ages 16–24) have unique challenges to ensure their clients are prepared … Read More

A New Deal for Transition Age Foster Youth in California: A Policy Roadmap for Ensuring a Resilient Recovery after COVID-19

This policy brief calls upon policymakers at every level to prioritize the immediate and long-term needs of transition age youth who are in foster care or have recently emancipated from foster care. In times of health and prosperity, foster youth … Read More

Quick Reference Guide: Federal Laws Supporting Youth in Foster Care Transitioning to Adulthood

The following federal laws specifically support the needs of older youth in foster care, and those transitioning to adulthood. Attorneys and advocates should understand how to use them, in addition to the many child welfare laws that support the safety, … Read More