Defending Childhood: Report of the Attorney General's National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence

Since the launch of the Defending Childhood Initiative in 2010, the Justice Department has been working with leading researchers to take an in-depth look at the problem of children exposed to violence. The Attorney Generals' National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence has released its final report and recommendations. The Task Force's report articulates that children's exposure to violence is a uniquely traumatic experience that has the potential to profoundly derail the child's security, health, happiness, and ability to grow and learn with effects lasting well into adulthood. The report provides a comprehensive roadmap for helping children and youth heal and recover from exposure to violence and calls for "rethinking" the juvenile justice system by making trauma-informed screening, assessment and care the standard approach. The co-chairs of the Task Force underscore that the good news is that we know what works to address children's exposure to violence. Now we must work courageously to find the resources to spread the solutions and implement them where they are needed.

On the Defending Childhood website, you can access the Executive Summary and Full Report, as well as tips for parents and caregivers and teachers.