Reunification From Foster Care: A Guide for Parents

For many parents, the process of reuniting with their children who are in foster care can be overwhelming. A recently updated factsheet from Child Welfare Information Gateway provides parents with guidance for the reunification process. Reunification From Foster Care: A Guide for Parents walks parents through the essential steps they will take to navigate the reunification process. This guide is designed to educate and empower parents with the knowledge and support they need for successful family reunification.

The factsheet highlights the collaborative nature of this journey and introduces the team that will support parents throughout the process, including caseworkers and resource parents. A cooperative relationship between the biological and resource parents can significantly affect the ease of transition for the child returning home.

It also strongly emphasizes the importance of parents understanding their rights within the foster care system, empowering them to advocate effectively for themselves and their children. Other aspects covered include what to expect while the child is in foster care, what a case plan might include, the critical importance of maintaining quality family time, and the significant role parents play in the reunification process.


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