Voices of Parent Leaders

Sharing the Journey Sharing the Journey: Voices of Parent Leaders was created by the parent leaders of the FRIENDS National Center Parent Advisory Council (PAC) who work in their communities and nationally to help family support and child abuse prevention practitioners and … Read More

Improving Services for Expectant and Parenting Youth in Care

Entering and navigating the child welfare system can be stressful and confusing for young people separated from their families. It can be even more challenging for young people who are parents, are pregnant, or are expecting. Expectant and parenting youth … Read More

7 Ways to Introduce Executive Functions to Kids & Teens

Executive functioning skills are the building blocks to success. These are the skills that help us plan, organize, prioritize, start tasks, manage our time, and work through challenges. Without a doubt, these are skills we all use every day, and … Read More

Leadership Self-Assessment

CWLA partner NCWWI has developed an online leadership self-assessment to help child welfare workers discover their strengths & areas for growth. Topics include: leadership fundamentals, leading change, leading in context, leading for results, and leading people. NCWWI LEADERSHIP TOOLKIT TAKE … Read More

Parent Leaders and Their Impact on Children and Families

By Amanda Klessig, CWLA Practice Excellence Intern Upon first hearing the term “parent leader” I was puzzled regarding its actual meaning. Who is a parent leader, and what are the qualifications to become one? What do these individuals do? Are … Read More

Four Ways That Courts Can Actively Engage Children and Youth Involved in Child Welfare Proceedings

Four Ways That Courts Can Actively Engage Children and Youth Involved in Child Welfare Proceedings, authored by the NCJFJC in partnership with the Quality Improvement Center on Engaging Youth in Permanency, outlines how judges and other court professionals can engage … Read More

Highlights from a special issue of Family Court Review

Vivek Sankaran and Christopher Church turn the current “master narrative” about securing “permanency” for children on its head.  That false narrative, pushed hardest by those who hate birth parents (and yes, that’s the right word) claims that only adoption guarantees a … Read More

Assessing Trauma in American Indian/Alaska Native Parents as an ICWA Active Effort

Lucero, N. M., Bussey, M., & Carver-Roberts, T. (2021). Assessing trauma in American Indian/Alaska Native parents as an ICWA active effort. Child Welfare 98(5),1-26. This article examines the correlation between American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) parents who are involved in ICWA … Read More

Parent & Practitioner Newsletter – Summer 2020

The FRIENDS National Center for CBCAP is excited to share the latest edition of the Parents & Practitioners Summer 2020 Newsletter. The theme of this edition is preventing child neglect and the newsletter is available in both English and Spanish. … Read More

System Review 2019-01: Enhanced Response: Restraining and Secluding Children [New Hampshire]

New Hampshire Office of the Child Advocate .  Through the lens of child welfare there are layers of safety nets employed to ensure parents are doing what they need to do to keep children safe. At school, recreation programs, churches, and … Read More