Child Trends

Supporting Diverse Family Structures Through Social Safety Net Programs

Families do not exist in isolation but are instead deeply connected to the socioeconomic and policy environments in which they live. Changing economic conditions play a key role in how families live and form. For example, research has shown that economic stressors, … Read More

COVID-Era Child Welfare Financing Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented global health crisis that disrupted daily life and presented unique challenges to child welfare agencies across the United States. Child welfare agencies contended with complex decisions on how, when, and if to transition … Read More

Conversation Starters on Building More Equitable Early Childhood Systems

Child Trends and Start Early have partnered to better understand what early childhood systems builders need to build and support more equitable systems. We define an early childhood system as a comprehensive, cross-sector, and coordinated set of policies, services, and … Read More