In/Out of Court Advocacy

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Juvenile Law Center Launches Digital Youth Advocacy Toolkit

Juvenile Law Center – December 20, 2022 Today Juvenile Law Center launched a Digital Youth Advocacy Toolkit based on a prior report entitled Building the Field of Ethical, Authentic, and Youth-led Advocacy: Key Components of a Youth Advocacy Program. The … Read More

The Art of Listening Effectively

Ten important ideas to keep in mind when representing or advocating for your child and youth clients In order to build strong lawyer-client relationships with children and youth, listening is foundational and essential. To help strengthen our listening skills, here … Read More

Judges Action Alert Feb 2021

Judge’s Action Alert: Supporting Early Legal Advocacy Before Court Involvement in Child Welfare Cases

This Judge’s Action Alert highlights:  the reasons for providing legal advocacy early in a child welfare case before court involvement,  roles legal advocates play when appointed before court involvement in a case,  benefits of early, precourt legal advocacy,  how early, precourt legal … Read More