Transformation Zone Workgroup and Committee Membership

16th JDC CINC staff:

  • Hon. Charles Porter
  • John Tiedemann, 16 JDC Juvenile Docket Coordinator
  • Ryan Bourke,  16th JDC Information Systems Coordinator
  • Kathy Lynn Cook, Children’s Attorney
  • Lewis Pitman, 16th JDC Indigent Defender Office
  • Thailund Porter-Green, Assistant District Attorney, St. Martin Parish
  • Marsha McNulty, Assistant District Attorney, St. Mary Parish

Louisiana Supreme Court - Court Improvement Project:

  • Mark Harris, CIP Coordinator
  • Judge Anne Simon, Louisiana Supreme Court Judicial Fellow
  • Russell Loper, Methods Technology Solutions

Casey Family Foundation:

  • Sue Steib, Coordinator Cold Case Review and FTC Re-definition Projects


  • Robin Hedge, of 16th Judicial District CASA Director
  • Revonda Kirby, Statewide Director of Training, CASA of Louisiana
  • Jacqueline Wilson, Statewide Program Coordinator, CASA of Louisiana

Louisiana Department of Children Youth and Family Services: State Office:

  • Jan Byland, Administrator, CQI & Program Integrity
  • Marilyn Smith, Program Manager
  • Karen Faulk, Systems Research and Analysis
  • Marty Gibson, Quality Assurance

Lafayette Region DCFS:

  • Richard Lucito, Lafayette DCFS Regional Administrator
  • Michael Seider, Performance Measures Specialist

DCFS Area Directors:

  • Joe Bruno
  • Melissa Thompson
  • Sandra Broussard

DCFS 16th JDC Parish Child Welfare Supervisors:

  • Brandi DeRouen, St. Martin DCFS
  • Linda Lopez, Iberia DCFS Foster Care
  • Fameka Johnson, Iberia DCFS Family Services
  • Janenne Trahan, Iberia DCFS CPI
  • Rhonda Carr, St. Mary Parish FC Supervisor
  • Doris Hawkins, St. Mary Parish
  • and frontline staff to be identified by management to participate as indicated

Sovereign Nation of the Chitimacha

  • Karen Mathews, Director of Social Services
  • Hon. Cameron Simmons, Tribal Court Judge

Family Resource Center

  • Linda Boudreaux, Executive Director of The Extra Mile, Evangeline, Director of Family Resource Center, 
  • Willard Labrie, Coordinator, St. Mary Building Strong Families Project

16th JDC Community Stakeholder Representatives

  • Sherry Frey, Director 16 JDC Youth Advisory Board
  • Representative from SMILE Community Action Agency
  • Dena Moore, LPC, Private Practitioner, MVP and staff
  • Skii Vincent
  • Shlester Jones, Supervisor of Special Education/Complaint-Compliance, Iberia Parish School Board
  • Faith-based stakeholder identified by Judge Porter,

Transformation Zone Service Array Committee