Findings from the NRC4Tribes Needs Assessment

The National Child Welfare Resource Center for Tribes (NRC4Tribes), in collaboration with the Children's Bureau, released a publication entitled NRC4Tribes Technical Assistance Needs Assessment: Guidance for the Children's Bureau T&TA Network, which includes the findings from a needs assessment conducted with tribal stakeholders across the country. With over 400 individuals participating, the needs assessment process included both on-line questions and on-site interviews with tribal stakeholders. The purpose of the needs assessment was to determine the needs and strengths of diverse tribal child welfare systems across the country.

The needs assessment topic areas included: 1. Tribal Child Welfare Practice 2. Foster Care and Adoption 3. Indian Child Welfare Act 4. Legal and Judicial Issues 5. Tribal Child Welfare Program Operations. The findings of the needs assessment resulted in ten recommendations for training and technical assistance for tribal communities. Also included in the discussion of the findings, while not included in the assessment recommendations, were well documented issues of concerns for tribes including, the prevalence of child sexual abuse in tribal communities, the lack of mental health and substance abuse treatment resources, continuing ICWA non-compliance among the states and challenges in collaboration for tribal and state child welfare staff.

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