Child Development

Understanding Racism’s Impact on Child Development: Working Toward Fairness of Place in the United States

Our panel of experts across various fields brings their latest research, exploring how racism gets “under the skin” to impact children’s development as well as contributes to unequal access to opportunity in the places where children live, grow, play, and … Read More

Child Safety Forward Implementation Study Final Report

Executive Summary Initiative Overview In October 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) launched Child Safety Forward (CSF), a three-year demonstration initiative to develop multidisciplinary strategies and responses to address serious … Read More

Social Media Gallery for Developmental Disabilities and Delays

To raise awareness around Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, the Children’s Bureau Learning & Coordination Center (CBLCC) has developed several captivating social media messages. Help to build awareness and engage the public! Download these resources (right-click, then “Save image as…”) to … Read More

Education Stability for Foster Care

Supporting School Stability for Children in Foster Care during COVID-19 and Beyond

As a judge overseeing child welfare cases, you play a critical role ensuring children and youth in foster care are staying on track and making progress in school. Federal law prioritizes education stability for these children and mandates coordination by … Read More

Seeing Whats Underneath

Seeing What’s Underneath: A Resource for Understanding Behavior and Using Language in Juvenile Court

Juvenile court can be a stressful environment— for everyone. But for court-involved youth, it can also be embarrassing, confusing, and traumatic. Youth may fail to meet adults’ expectations to be respectful and compliant or to show empathy and remorse. Youth … Read More

Impacts of Pandemics and Epidemics on Child Protection: Lessons Learned from a Rapid Review in the Context of COVID-19.

Policy guidance, media commentary and initial empirical research suggests that COVID-19, and its infection control measures, have had detrimental impacts on children’s development, safety and wellbeing. The disruptive impacts of the virus are being seen to play out in several … Read More

Evidence-Based Model Programs – Risk & Protective Factors

Risk and protective factors are preexisting personal characteristics or environmental conditions that increase or reduce the likelihood of delinquent behavior or other negative outcomes. Consistent with public health and child development approaches, many prevention programs target risk and protective factors … Read More