Fatherhood Programs

Dads Matter: The Taxpayer Cost of Fatherlessness

Executive Summary Social science research shows engaged fathers are critical for a healthy society. By comparison, fatherlessness creates myriad costs, both social and economic. Studies show that fatherless children do not go as far in school, have more health problems, … Read More

Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention in Fatherhood Programs

This brief is intended to support the efforts of both researchers and father-serving professionals to study, evaluate, and implement practices for use in fatherhood programs to help prevent and address domestic violence (DV). It begins by providing background information on … Read More

A Guide for Father Involvement in Systems of Care

A Guide for Father Involvement in Systems of Care Published by the Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health, this guide focuses on the importance of fathers involvement in systems of care.  It provides information about the importance of … Read More