Internet Crime

Warning: Victims’ Faces Placed on Explicit Images in Sextortion Scam

The FBI has issued a warning about criminals digitally manipulating people’s faces on to pornographic images—known as deepfaking—and then using those images to harass or extort money out of their victim in a practice known as sextortion. The FBI said the victims … Read More

Take It Down

Today the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is officially launching an exciting new tool for survivors of online child sexual abuse. The groundbreaking platform, aptly named, Take It Down, allows users from around the world to submit a case … Read More

Self-Generated Content and Sextortion Awareness and Prevention

Self-Generated Content (sexting) sharing has become ever increasingly normative behavior for youth. This behavior can lead to Sextortion scams where offenders obtain explicit content and then pressure the victim to send money or send additional explicit content. Financial sextortion has … Read More