Low Income

Many Hispanic Households With Low Income Access No-Cost or Low-Cost Care, Yet Nearly One in Four Face High Out-of-Pocket Costs

Introduction Child care—especially that which is of high quality—serves a critical dual purpose for families, supporting both parental employment and children’s development. As recognized in a recent White House Executive Order, the costs of providing and obtaining such care are significant, making … Read More

Data on Families With Low Incomes Across America Can Inform Two-Generation Approaches

Recent research documents substantial declines in the United States’ poverty rate over the past several decades, including among children. This is very good news that showcases the success of many poverty prevention efforts. However, too many families continue to struggle to meet their … Read More

A Poor Poverty Measure

To identify children in need, look beyond free lunch data In education policy and public debate, we often talk about students from “low-income” families. That descriptor is typically based on data from the National School Lunch Program, which provides qualified … Read More