Message From Associate Commissioner Aysha E. Schomburg

Written by Associate Commissioner Aysha E. Schomburg One of the best ways that we can support children and families is to care for them in our daily lives, in our communities. I’m sure many of us can remember seeing stories … Read More

Tips & Tools for Providing High-Quality Legal Representation to Children and Parents in Child Welfare Proceedings: Out-of-Court Advocacy

Out-of-court advocacy is critical in every child welfare legal proceeding. As an attorney for the child or parent, you must be a highly skilled litigator and be willing to use the court process to meet your client’s goals. You must … Read More

Children and COVID-19: State Data Report. A Joint Report from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association: Summary of Publicly Reported Data from 49 states, NYC, DC, PR, and GU. Version: 10/01/2020

COVID-19: Available Data for Children• State-level reports are the best publicly available dataon COVID-19 cases in children• This report summarizes what was available on 10/1/20• 49 states, NYC, DC, Puerto Rico and Guam providedage distributions of reported COVID-19 cases• 10 … Read More

Global Status Report on Preventing Violence Against Children 2020

The Global status report on preventing violence against children 2020 charts countries’ progress towards the SDGs aimed at ending violence against children. Jointly published by WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Violence against Children, and the Global Partnership to … Read More

HIV and Pregnant Women, Infants, and Children [Website]

This website provides information on preventing perinatal HIV transmission. It explains perinatal HIV transmission (also known as mother-to-child transmission) can happen at any time during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, however, there are effective interventions for preventing perinatal HIV transmission, and … Read More

Victimization and Trauma Experience by Children and Youth: Implications for Legal Advocates

The Safe Start Center, ABA Center on Children and the Law, and the Child and Family Policy Associates recently released a new resource, Victimization and Trauma Experienced by Children and Youth: Implications for Legal Advocates.  In this resource, you’ll find: Information about the prevalence and impact … Read More

America’s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2017

The 20th in a series, this report presents a set of 41 key indicators that measure important aspects of children’s lives. It draws on various overarching frameworks to identify seven major domains that characterize the well-being of a child and … Read More

Professionals, Friends, And Confidants: After-School Staff As Social Support To Low-Income Parents

Policy makers, practitioners, and researchers have emphasized the importance of supportive relationships between staff and parents in early childhood education settings and schools.Author(s): Barnes, Carolyn.;Nolan, Sarah.Published: 2019Journal Name: Children and Youth Services Reviewv. 98, March 2019, p. 238-251Available from: Elsevier

COVID-19: Child Welfare Resources

This webpage highlights four resource guides to help State legislators address the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on children, families, and caseworkers. The resource guides address the following topics: COVID-19 and Child Welfare Caseworkers, COVID-19 and Congregate Care Facilities, … Read More

Racism and Violence: Using Your Power as a Parent to Support Children Aged Two to Five

This resource provides thoughts and guidelines for talking about these complex issues of racism and equality in age-appropriate ways with children aged two to five years of age. These are difficult and uncomfortable discussions for which there is no recipe. … Read More