Investing in Families Prevents Child Welfare Involvement

The path forward is clear: strengthening household financial security can reduce child abuse and neglect by improving the opportunity for parents to meet their children’s basic needs, provide developmentally appropriate child care, and reduce parental stress and depression, both risk … Read More

Child and family outcomes of the Safe Babies Court Team – A scoping review

Abstract Children under the age of three are frequently removed from their home and placed in foster care, resulting in critical impediments to their development and well-being. These placements result in significant short and long-term economic costs. The Safe Babies … Read More

Report: Children Make Up Smallest-Ever Share of U.S. Population

Chil­dren, who made up 40% of America’s total pop­u­la­tion in 1900 and 36% of it as recent­ly as 1960, account­ed for just 22% of the country’s total pop­u­la­tion in 2020, an all-time low, accord­ing to an analy­sis authored by experts on child demog­ra­phy and released today by … Read More

Surgeon General Issues Advisory that Social Media is Contributing to Youth Mental Health Crisis

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy is issuing an advisory that social media use may be harmful to the mental health of young people, citing growing evidence that online content is hurting the development of the nation’s youth. “I’m issuing this advisory because we’re … Read More

Intergenerational Community Planning.

By 2034 older adults will outnumber children in the United States, a scenario unlike any prior period in American history. Yet, most in our society do not live in circumstances that allow for routine and sustained connections between young and … Read More

Child Exploitation Resources for the K-12 Community

Protect children from exploitation by recognizing the risk factors and warning signs, knowing how to respond, and supporting students who have been victimized. Child exploitation can take many forms and affect young people of any background, demographic, or geographic location. … Read More

A Poor Poverty Measure

To identify children in need, look beyond free lunch data In education policy and public debate, we often talk about students from “low-income” families. That descriptor is typically based on data from the National School Lunch Program, which provides qualified … Read More


The Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data Summary & Trends Report: 2011–2021 provides the most recent surveillance data, as well as 10-year trends, on health behaviors and experiences among high school students in the United States (U.S.) related to adolescent health … Read More

Message From Associate Commissioner Aysha E. Schomburg

Written by Associate Commissioner Aysha E. Schomburg One of the best ways that we can support children and families is to care for them in our daily lives, in our communities. I’m sure many of us can remember seeing stories … Read More

Tips & Tools for Providing High-Quality Legal Representation to Children and Parents in Child Welfare Proceedings: Out-of-Court Advocacy

Out-of-court advocacy is critical in every child welfare legal proceeding. As an attorney for the child or parent, you must be a highly skilled litigator and be willing to use the court process to meet your client’s goals. You must … Read More