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Announcing New Resource On Infants Affected By Prenatal Substance Exposure

The National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW), with support from the Vermont Oxford Network (VON) developed a four-part series on implementing Plans of Safe Care and Family Care Plans. The series examines the role healthcare providers play … Read More

Child Welfare Hearing Quality Research: What Legal Professionals Should Know

As a legal professional who participates in child welfare court hearings, you can benefit from understanding how the quality of the hearing affects the case process and outcomes. Having this information can help you prepare for and participate in hearings. … Read More

System Review 2019-01: Enhanced Response: Restraining and Secluding Children [New Hampshire]

New Hampshire Office of the Child Advocate .  Through the lens of child welfare there are layers of safety nets employed to ensure parents are doing what they need to do to keep children safe. At school, recreation programs, churches, and … Read More