Understanding ACEs: Building Self-Healing Communities

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Understanding ACEs: Building Self-Healing Communities

You are invited to attend this LHCC Region 9  Training Opportunity on July 17, 2019.  The training is FREE and Open to the public.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) refers to a range of childhood experiences (abuse, neglect, and traumatic experiences), which leads to stress and can result in trauma and chronic stress responses. Multiple, chronic or persistent stress can impact a child’s developing brain and has been linked to high-risk behaviors, chronic health conditions, low life potential, negative health outcomes in adulthood such as smoking, diabetes, heart disease, and early death. Based on the CDC and Kaiser Permanente study, come learn how a child and/or adult’s ACE score impacts their overall health as well as the health of a community. This training will positively impact our daily interventions with clients, co-workers, and family.
This training will be an in-depth, lecture-style presentation introducing the neuroscience of early adversity, the ACE Study and community response to addressing ACEs. This presentation was developed by Dr. Robert Anda, a co-principal researcher of the ACE Study, and Laura Porter, the Director of ACE Partnerships in Washington State. 
                                          DATE: July 17, 2019 
                                          TIME: 9am-11am 
                                          LOCATION: Tangipahoa Parish Clausen Building 
                                                       (Permit Office) Conference Room
                                                        15485 W Club Deluxe Rd, Hammond
*Light breakfast refreshments will be available*
*Certificates of Attendance will be provided to all attendees*


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